The Suntribe Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear

Plastic-guilt is at an all time high and we’re all on the hunt for ways to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics and items that harm the earth. This has led to a rise in environmentally-friendly products across fashion, fitness, travel and now sustainable swimwear is making waves. The manufacturing industry has seen vast innovation in the past few years, from changes in textile production to the increased use of recycled materials. Exciting times are ahead and we at Suntribe want to be at the forefront of this positive change by partnering with some of the most progressive British brands in the sustainable swimwear space.

What is Sustainable Swimwear?

Typically your favourite bikinis and swimming trunks are made from virgin nylon and polyester aka plastic, a by-product of the petroleum industry. The production of any plastic product causes an increase in greenhouse gases, uses large amounts of water and causes environmental pollution.

A swimwear brand is considered sustainable when their production methods don't cause harm to the environment or deplete natural resources. These methods could include use of recycled plastic as fabric, biodegradable packaging, British manufacturing or a commitment to a reduction in waste and emissions.

Everyone wants to feel good about the clothes they wear, so we've made it a little bit easier for you, the conscious shopper, by highlighting the sustainable brands we're proud to carry at Suntribe and our fave pieces from each brand. Read on for our guide to ethical and sustainable swimwear in 2019.

Marble Swimwear

Committed to sustainability and ethical production, Marble swimwear is made from 78% recycled plastics such as abandoned fishing nets and water bottles. Everyday items that usually end up in oceans or landfill. All of their swimwear is produced in small batches in Balinese family-run factories by seamstresses that work in safe and clean conditions whilst receiving a living wage. Even Marble Swimwear's packaging has been carefully designed to ensure their product has a minimal impact on the planet by using 100% biodegradable packaging made from cassava starch.

We’re very proud to have Marble Swimwear as part of the Tribe, if you’d like to find out more about their sustainability practices you can read their blog post here. One of our favourite Marble pieces is the Izabel Top in cute rainbow stripes.

Shop the Marble Swimwear collection on Suntribe.

Tidal Swimwear

Sustainability and slow fashion are at the heart of Tidal Swimwear. Their entire swimwear range is manufactured in Dorset, England using recycled Italian lycra made from plastic-waste, massively reducing their carbon footprint. Each of Tidal’s collections are produced in small quantities, limiting any stock waste and refraining from the throwaway practices that are often employed by fashion brands.

Tidal are all about creating timeless swimwear with their signature trim that stays on trend for many years to come. We're big fans of Tidal's Helena bikini top. Unique and elegant with a chunky tie back.


Shop the Tidal Swimwear collection on Suntribe.

Pursuit the Label

A London-born sustainable swimwear brand, Pursuit the Label was created in an effort to help combat ocean pollution by recycling plastic-waste into beautiful swimwear. Each swimsuit and bikini is designed and manufactured in the UK using recycled plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets. Pursuit is committed to zero plastic in any of their packaging and use 100% recycled cardboard.  

We're in love with Pursuit's The Rash one-piece, bold and sexy its super high-cut leg is perfect for the beach or teamed with jeans for a night out.

Shop Pursuit the Label's collection on Suntribe 

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