Swimwear care guide - how not to ruin your favourite bikini!

We've all been there; the saggy bottom, the misshapen top, the see-through pants. The truth is, badly cared for swimwear loses it's sparkle faster than you can say 'Passionfruit Daiquiri'. So, here's a little guide to help you avoid that from happening. You see, for years we've all been guilty of just throwing anything and everything in the washing machine and just expecting whatever it is we put in there to come out sparkling and good as new. However, as much as this may work for some clothing, swimwear is NOT one of them.

So ladies, it's time to start looking after those highly-coveted pieces that cover up the smallest parts of ourselves. And here's how:


Due to the delicate nature of swim fabric, we suggest that all women's pieces are hand washed in cool water with a chemical-free wash. For example, you can use our Bikinis Over Everything wash  which has been specially made by a fellow sun-worshipping babe across the pond in Florida. It's made from all natural ingredients, ensuring it's delicate on the fabric but keeps your swimwear looking and smelling fresh!

Please do not under any circumstances put your swimwear in the washing machine.


Once washed, ensure you hang items to dry away from intense heat.


We recommend using colourless sun creams to avoid any staining/yellowing that certain brown tanning oils can cause on pale fabrics.

We hope that sheds a bit of light on why perhaps some of your swimwear has never lasted more than a couple of weeks. If you follow this guide, you should have no problems with any pieces bought from Suntribe.